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Ground Level Up is a Scottish based production company specialising in planning and producing branded and commercial video content for online & digital audiences. We aim to deliver ground­breaking concepts accompanied by our cutting edge cinematography and storytelling techniques.

We take an entirely fresh approach to every project we work on to ensure that you are getting a visual, high­end production that’s tailored and distributed to your target audience. Whether that be online, social or broadcast.

With specialist experience in travel, lifestyle & sport we will always produce content that is innovative, bold and striking.

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Carrick Mclelland

Founder / Creative Director

Carrick founded Ground Level Up in 2014 with the plan of producing industry leading innovative video production solutions for brands and business across the globe. Carrick discovered his passion for film & video production at the age of 14 where he would be frequently throwing himself down hill on a mountain bike and then proceed to film and photograph his friends doing the same thing. Carrick now works with his team creating, planning and executing high end branded and commercial video content worldwide.

Alistair Snowie

Director of Operations

Born in Scotland, Alistair brings his own unique business experience to Ground Level Up. After studying in London at age seventeen, Alistair started several companies of his own spanning from the finance industry to sports and then into film production. During his younger years Alistair was a keen wakeboarder but unfortunately for him, his knee blew to smithereens after colliding with the water at warp speed. Alistair’s work focuses on keeping the cogs turning in the operations side of things and making sure shoots run smoothly. Sometimes, he even buys us lunch!